ambitious girls club, things ill tell my daughter

Love you

Yes, I love you. I tell my daughter I love her multiple times a day, because I do, I love her more than I love my own life, I’d die for her, I know any other mother feels the same about her child; more than anything though, I want my daughter to love herself.

I don’t want her to feel as if she needs love from an outside source. So I tell her she’s beautiful, I tell her – if somebody doesn’t like you it’s because they really don’t like themselves. I show her how to take care of herself and what is and isn’t acceptable.

For a long time, I guess I didn’t love myself. It’s strange to actually type that, but it’s true. I had no respect for myself. I didn’t understand how beautiful I am. As a little girl I was teased, called white, big head, fat, ect. I allowed the cruelty of kids to get to me and I became mean (Ask anyone in middle school with me I was a real B word!).

And then in high school I was eaten alive; finessed by the supreme finesser. The first boy I ever loved (and to this day the only guy I’ve

ambitious girls club, things ill tell my daughter

My daughter Drew’s confidence stays on 100% I’d like to say I had a little do with that, but from birth she has owned who she is and her personality.

been in love with) started out as someone else’s boyfriend. And then he was someone else’s friend with benefits. All the while I gave myself to him along with all of my power.

It’s sad to look back and see how my low self-esteem lead me into something I was never meant to be in. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and pain if only I knew how worthy I was.

If only you knew how worthy you are.

Think about this:

In all the years the Earth has been in creation there has NEVER been another you, and there will NEVER be another you.  You are a gift to this Earth. And although right now you may think that means that the world owes you something, it’s actually the exact opposite.

You owe it to the world to love yourself. Because when you love yourself you love others, and when you love others you do good, and when you do good you change the world for the better.

As much as I love my daughter, and as many times as I vow to tell her and express to her my love for her, more than anything I want to show her how to love herself.

Love yourself – Just one of the things I’ll tell my daughter!