Things I'll Tell My Daughter, Lessons for girls

Love no matter what

Things I'll Tell My Daughter, Lessons for girls

Even when I’m old and grey,

My love will never fade away.

Even if I died today,

My love for you would stay the same.

You are worthy to be loved and to love.

You are worthy to trust.

Do not believe the world’s lies,

Love never dies!

God is love.

God is everlasting.

Even when “he’s” broken your heart,

Even when your world seems to have fallen apart:

Give love.

Love is the most significant gift one can give to another,

And true love is like no other.

It’s true,

You’ll find a few who won’t love like you,

Love them anyway – right where they are.

True love can hurt,

But it won’t break you,

In fact a good love will help make you.

But don’t go searching for love my dear,

Know that love is always near.

Love is here, and there, and everywhere,

Love is near and far and everywhere you are, everywhere you’ve been, love is infinite, love is within.

Never deny yourself love – even after a heartbreak – even after you feel you’ve loved the wrong one;

Honest mistake!

Remember to love ALWAYS!

Love the strangers, love the friends, love the people who pretend to be someone they’ll never be –


Just love,

You’ll come up on top.

And anyone who tells you not to love – ask them then:

If God lives within, how could you not love always?


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