beyonce, womens empowerment

But Beyonce Did It

She went from a little girl in an innocent girl group to the Queen of the universe. I mean maybe I’m exaggerating, but really if there is a human on the planet that doesn’t know her I’d be surprised. She’s living her dreams. She’s living THE DREAM. She’s beautiful, famous, rich, loved by many, married and has a beautiful family. At least from the outside looking in she has it going on.

What makes her so special though?
If she can do it can’t I? Can’t you?
The answer is YES!

When they say “you can be whatever you want to be” please believe it!

You can be whatever you want be when you:
Work hard.
Believe in yourself.
Be persistent and consistent. 
Be authentic.
Be flexible. Life doesn’t happen on our time, my dad always says, “life just is.”

I believe it, life is…But life is also what we make it! The Secret is we have the power to be all that we want to be, it’s just so many of us give up and give in to what society says we should be. When you’re thinking about your future, think like this:

If I keep doing the same things, will I be able to live the life I want to live? 

If your answer is yes, you’re on the right track. If your answer is no, well, it’s time you face reality and realize that we can’t be whoever we want to be unless we act like that person we want to be. What I mean is, we have to do the necessary work to live the life we imagine. IT WONT JUST HAPPEN! (Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, trust me I wish it were).
So whatever that dream is you have in your heart BELIEVE it is possible.

Beyoncé did it… She’s just a woman who was once a girl with a big dream. Be sure you’re not worshiping the star but the creator of the star – the one who made it possible for her, the one who will make it possible for you!


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